Cycling Attire

bike trail

The roads are calling your name. Put away your Porche or Mustang—you’ve got a different kind of road fever. It’s time to start utilizing that bicycle you’ve got stored away in the garage. Imagine pedaling down the road, wind on your face, utilizing your own body’s energy to cross the terrain.


You don’t need to be a Tour de France participant to enjoy bicycling. Nor do you need any special equipment aside from your bike and helmet. However, if you find yourself really enjoying the experience, it might be time to consider entering some local bicycle races.


In a more competitive spectrum, you’ll want to acquire some outfits especially for bicycling. There are shorts and jerseys made specifically for bicyclers. Sure, you may think they typical bicycling uniform looks weird, but the design serves a purpose.


The best men’s cycling shorts are more comfortable for your rides, especially crucial in competitive environments when you can’t take a break. Any extended bike ride with jeans (or even sweat pans!) is certain to cause discomfort for the rider.


Not only do cycle shorts for men allow for more comfort, but they provide a better aerodynamic ride. Sometimes the distance between two positions is minmal and you need every edge you can get to try to win.


Cycling jerseys are no less important. They are specifically fitted to be comfortable for the unnatural position competitive cyclers use. They look a lot like a diving suit, but with a V on the back to allow the hunched over shoulders bikers use. Cool cycling jerseys for men offer the same comfort and streamlined appearance as the regular jerseys, but incorporate fun designs to really make you stand out.


The fun designs aren’t limited to men, either. Cool cycling jerseys for women have eye catching designs, while being fit specifically for the female body. In the past, a cycling jersey for women was the same as a male jersey, just in a smaller size. Now, however, considerations are made for the differences between the two genders.


A cycling jersey needs to be a very specific size. Too small and it will be too tight for comfort, too large and it will get in the way. Get specific and precise measurements of your body and get a jersey which fits those measurements. Be especially careful when shopping online and look at the return policy in case the jersey you get doesn’t fit right.


If you can, find a local bicycle shop which deals in jerseys and cycling shorts, mens and women’s. They’ll be able to help you get the right attire.